Why People Should Pay Attention to Flame Retardant Product

In recent year, there is no doubt that the application of electrical product has been widely spread, and we can see electrical devices everywhere,and along with the convenience electricity brings, there are also hidden danger. According to a statistics made in China, Since 2009, the electrical appliances accidant has surpassed careless use of fire and […]

HFFR Polyolefin Cable Compound

Expressions relavant to flame retardant polyolefin compound. HFFR polyolefin is environmental friendly without halogen( fluorine,  chlorine, bromine, iodine), heavy metal (Lead, cadmium,Mercury, antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium), PBDE and PBB etc..It has no halogen acid gas released and low corrosivity during combustion, the smoke density is extremely low, which meets the transmittance requirement. 1. The application […]


In this passage, I will introduce the formula composition of PVC cable compound, hope you enjoy. PVC cable compound is composed of PVC resin, stabilizer, plasticizer, filler, lubricant, antioxidant, colorant, etc.The voltage and insulation resistance of PVC cable compound are high, but the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are large.Therefore, it is generally used as […]

HDPE/EVA HFFR Formula (1)

In today’s article, I will share with you a reseach on HFFR composite formula. which based on HDPE/EVA resin, and adding silane modified magnesium hydroxide as main flame retardant and phosphorous flame retardant as synergistic flame retardant. We firstly compared the variation of mechanical property, flame retardant performance when adding different volumn of EVA, HDPE […]

HDPE/EVA HFFR Formula(2)—The Choosing of Matrix Resin for HFFR Cable Compound

Fire resistance cable compound means cable material with flame retardant performance, and could pass Bundle cable combustion test.LSOH material is usually used in poorly ventilated areas such as power station, airport, railway station, nuclear power station that with high population density. Cable compound means insulation material for cable insulation and sheath, including rubber, plastics, and […]

HDPE/EVA HFFR Formula(3)—The Impact of MDH to Cable Compound Flame Rating

There are experiments that study the influence of particle size, volume of addition and modification of MDH to the vertical flame test of EVA cable compound system, here is what they got. 1. The impact of MDH particle size Subject: 3000 mesh MDH and 5000 mesh MDH( without surface treatment) For 3000 mesh MDH, when […]

Basic Information about Wire and Cable (Part 1)

There are two applications of wire and cable, one is transmitting electricity and the other is transmitting signal. Main Technical Index for electricity transmitting cable is conductor resistance, withstand voltage, and Main Technical Index for signal transmitting cable is characteristic impedance, attenuation and crosstalk. and the transmitting of signal can also be achieved by using […]

Basic Information about Wire and Cable (Part 2)

The structure of cable 1.Conductor Its role is to conduct current. There are solid conductor and stranded conductor. The conductor material including copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, silver, copper clad steel, aluminum clad steel, etc. Commonly used are copper and aluminum. and copper has much better electrical conductivity than aluminum. 2. Refractory layer Only fire-resistant cables […]

What is Brucite

1. The Definition of Brucite Brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, with the chemical formula Mg(OH)₂. Brucite is usually associated with calcite, vanillite, talc, asbestos, magnesite.or coexisting with magnesite in serpentine.There are two types of brucite in the discovered deposit, namely massive brucite and fibrous brucite. Resources of brucite deposits in China So […]

HDPE/EVA HFFR Formula(4)–Modified Magnesium hydroxide

Flame retardant performance of composite material is determined by the synergistic action between all components,The more uniformly the flame retardant is dispersed in the composite material, the better the flame retardant performance of the composite material. The stronger the force between the flame retardant and the matrix resin, the stronger the heat resistance of the […]