HFFR Polyolefin Cable Compound

HFFR Polyolefin Cable Compound

Expressions relavant to flame retardant polyolefin compound.

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HFFR polyolefin is environmental friendly without halogen( fluorine,  chlorine, bromine, iodine), heavy metal (Lead, cadmium,Mercury, antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium), PBDE and PBB etc..It has no halogen acid gas released and low corrosivity during combustion, the smoke density is extremely low, which meets the transmittance requirement.

1. The application of HFFR Compound

It is suitable for places with high flame retardant requirements and low secondary hazard, such as: subway, ships, nuclear power plants, mobile phone base stations (radio frequency cables), public venues (such as Olympic stadiums, world expo pavilions), high-rise buildings (BV line), program-controlled exchange rooms, computer rooms and various crowded public places.

2. Specification of HFFR Compound

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3. Differences with other compound

* Tensile strength and elongation at break are lowder than PVC and PE compound;

* OI higher than PVC compound, but PVC compound flame retardant performance is better due to its better self-extinguishment performance;

* The density is higher because of the filling of flame retardan,such as MDH and ATH.

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