What is Brucite

What is Brucite

1. The Definition of Brucite

Brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, with the chemical formula Mg(OH)₂. Brucite is usually associated with calcite, vanillite, talc, asbestos, magnesite.or coexisting with magnesite in serpentine.There are two types of brucite in the discovered deposit, namely massive brucite and fibrous brucite.

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Resources of brucite deposits in China

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So the main producing areas of Brucite in China are Liaoning Province and Shanxi Province, and that is also why we choose to locate our factory in Dandong, Liaoning Province.

2. The Application of Brucite:

1) Flame retardant

It can be used on conformal coating, brucite fire retardant coating has the characteristics of light weight, good decoration, strong weathering resistance, good fire resistance, no peeling after fire.

Brucite also used as a flame retardant because it thermally decomposes to release water in a similar way to aluminium hydroxide and mixtures of huntite and hydromagnesite. The flame retardants based on brucite have good flame retardancy and reinforcing effect, and are non-toxic, pollution-free and anti-weathering.Anti-aging performance is also good, suitable for high temperature molding process.

2)Paper Industry

Due to the characteristics of high whiteness, good peeling property, strong adhesion and basically no water absorption, brucite can be used together with calcite as a filler for paper making, so that paper making by acid method to alkali method, and reduce pulp water pollution.In the papermaking industry, brucite replaces lime in the process of producing magnesium sulphate pulp, which can absorb SO2 to make waste slurry water recyclable and greatly reduce the pollution of waste slurry water to the environment.Because brucite does not absorb water in the air, it can also be used as a packing for moisture-proof paper.

3)Fibrous brucite is used as reinforcing and reinforcing fiber

Because of fibrous brucite in heat resistance, insulation, alkali resistance, tensile strength, etc, and similar to that of chrysotile, and fibrous brucite in the amount of dissolved in acid is much bigger than asbestos, micro dust in weak acid is easy to be dissolved, so it is difficult to stay in the human body, and without the possibility of cancer, and fibrous brucite has no pollution to the environment, no carcinogenic risk to human body, can completely replace the chrysotile in many fields.

4) Magnesia high temperature refractory

Magnesite and dolomite are burned into magnesium and calcium oxides in satin at high temperature, then ground fine, mixed with organic binder, pressed into molds, and burned twice to produce firebrick products.This refractory brick can be used in the metallurgical industry to replace the expensive MgO high temperature refractory brick.The advantage of this method is that for brucite and dolomite without separation, the cost and technical conditions are greatly reduced.

5) Other Application

It also can be used in water-proof membrane manufacturing, PVC flooring, water treatment etc…

Please feel free to contact me or comment down below if you are interested to Brucite.Thank you for your time.

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