In this passage, I will introduce the formula composition of PVC cable compound, hope you enjoy.

PVC cable compound is composed of PVC resin, stabilizer, plasticizer, filler, lubricant, antioxidant, colorant, etc.The voltage and insulation resistance of PVC cable compound are high, but the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are large.Therefore, it is generally used as an insulating layer for low voltage (≤1KV) and medium and high voltage (6~10KV) cables. PVC plastic also widely used as a sheathing compound for wire and cable because of its fire resistance, oil resistance, corona resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and good water resistance. By adding special performance additives or modifiers, heat-resistant (105℃), cold-resistant, oil-resistant, fire-resistant, extra-soft and non-toxic PVC cable materials can be made respectively to meet the needs of special wire and cable products.

PVC cable compounds including sheathing compound and insulation compound.The sheathing compound requires good heat resistance, and the insulation compound requires good insulation.

The let’s move on to the compostion of PVC Compound.

1. PVC Resin

2. Plasticizer

Function: To soft material, enhance Flexibility and make compounding material easy to processing


Phthalates series: DPHP,DINP,DOP,DIDP

Others: TOTM,DOTP,DOA,Soybean oil,Chlorinated Paraffin

3. Stabilizer

Function: To defer and stop the degradation of PVC resin

Classification: Calcium and zinc, lead salts, fatty acid soaps, organotin, phosphatides and epoxides etc..

4. Filler

Function: To lower cost and fabricate specific property

Classifications: Calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, silica, graphite, carbon black, etc

5. Flame retardant

Function: Fire resistance


Organic: some flame retardants represented by bromine, phosphorus and nitrogen, nitrogen and red phosphorus and their compounds

Inorganic: antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, zinc borate, silicon series of flame retardant system.

6. Lubricant

Function: Improve the fluidity and improve the processing and surface performance, can also be used to promote melting, anti – adhesion and anti – static agent, smooth agent.

Classification: Fatty acids and their esters (HSt), fatty acid amide (EBS), metal soap (CaSt), hydrocarbons (low molecular polymer), organosilicone compounds, etc.

7. Others

Antioxidant: prevents plastics from aging during production

Light stabilizer:resistant to UV, strong light exposure

Colorant: Coloring plastic

PVC Sheathing Cable Compound formula (105℃) for reference only

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PVC Insulation Cable Compound formula for reference only

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Without affecting the performance of PVC cable material, by adding magnesium hydroxide/ aluminum hydroxide, antimony trioxide, zinc borate flame retardant and adjusting the formula ratio, the flame retardant of PVC has been significantly improved, the maximum oxygen index can be 41.5;It can reach the flame retardant rating of UL94V0, and the smoke level is significantly reduced.

Magnesium hydroxide not just could be used as flame retardant, but also mineral filler and smoke suppression.

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