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SUITE 1503, 15/F, Carnival Commercial Building, 18 JavaRoad, North Point, HONGKONG

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Work-I - [NATURAL BRUCITE] - Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China; Work-II - [Precipitated Mg(OH)2] - Lanzhou, Gansu Province,China

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MgCl2 + 2NH3 ▪ H2O → Mg(OH)2 ↓ + 2NH4Cl

KMT® Natural Brucite

KMT® flame retardants can be easily applied in various polymer compositions based on different polymeric matrix (PE, EVA, PP, PVC, PA) using advanced processing techniques, such as extrusion, molding under pressure.

KMT® Magnesium Hydroxide

KMT® Precipitated magnesium hydroxide for LSZH Flame Retardant Cable Industries

KMT® Magnesium Oxide

KMT® industrial-grade magnesium oxide, the product is light yellow, tasteless, non-toxic, slightly soluble in water. KMT-MgO is calcined under exacting conditions, including ore method and chemical method.

Formulation Test compare data

KMT® Magnesium Hydroxide XK-10000SN/99 used for EVA based formulation
Magnesium Hydroxide grades test report compare
KMT® Brucite XK-1250SA for PVC cable compounds formulation
KMT®ATH used for EVA based formulation
KMT®ATH used for PVC based formulation
Different percentage Brucite compare in PVC formulation
Coated and uncoated materials compare in PVC formulation
KMT® Brucite XK- grades for TPO formulation



KMT® for XK-Brucite Series used in Aluminum-Composite Panel

KMT® for LSZH Flame Retardant Cable Industries

KMT® for Mineral Filler

KMT® for Thermoplastic PVC- and polyolefin-based Compound

KMT® XK-series MDH as ATH Substitute and Synergy

KMT® for Engineering plastics Compounds

KMT® for Flame Retardant Coating

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Natural Brucite Mineral

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Flame retardant  MDH / Brucite powder/ATH

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